Frequent Questions

Because we have 3 major events that will create awareness of your Brand/s:

  1. The New York City International Film Festival, NYCIFF March 2020 celebrating its 11thAnniversary.

  2. East Hampton TV Festival, July 2019

  3. NYCTVF November 2019

Within our 3 festivals events we reached more than 150 Million people.

Advantage & Benefits:

We work with one of the most Prestigious PR company in New York City:

R. Couri Hay – Creative Public Relations.

  • Your product/ brand will have an incredible exposure, visibility been part in all our TV and Press: Page Six, Magazines, etc. During the entire year under the direction of R. Couri Hay PR

Our Press and Media reaches more than 150 million people, everybody will see your product/brand.

Can you help us to create the appropriated marketing for our company?

  • Yes, we can tailor a marketing campaign based in your needs to be more effective and cost efficient.

Can our company do Product Placement?

  • Yes, it must be discussed with our PR Company 

Can I sponsor just one Event?

  • YES, you can choose within our three major events.