There are hundreds of thousands of film festivals, in USA and around the World. 
The majority don’t accept episodic shows, if they do accept TV Shows, they will only Show one episode and won’t help you to sell. 

Agents, Producers, don’t attend film festivals. 
Then, where to submit your TV Series, TV Shows?: To East Hampton TV Festival

Remember we are in the golden age of a new era of tv shows, tv series.

The marketplace for television shows is bigger and endorsed by hundreds of TV Producers, TV Creators, AMAZON Studios, NETFLIX, Hulu, HBO, Starz, Showtime ABC, etc., etc.

Rather to make a feature film without a well known celebrity make an episodic series.
A 120 minute film could be easily divided into four parts, and the chances to recoup your Investment is bigger than the risky business of Feature Films without Celebrities. If you have the luck or chance to get a theatrical release You will need a big marketing and investment campaign to put one butt in each theatre’s seat, a huge risk.

Our TV Panels will be attended by Cable & TV Executives, Producers, TV Creators, and members of the Television Academy

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